Found some Easter eggs!

My daughter was very excited to discover some interesting tinkering options today. Not sure how much of this was fully intentional in this way, but she found the following things could happen with various blocks put into the board in various nonstandard positions (turned and/or tilted). This is with the “colors” story card in place—haven’t tried with other SD cards yet.

  • infinite loop (jumps back to slot 1)—this was with the “dancing” block
  • the alphabet song—can’t remember which block
  • “The Wheels on the Bus” song—with the trivia (yellow) block
  • “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” song—with the trivia (yellow) block

You can also get the blocks to do things that other blocks normally do (e.g. the yellow block can be made to turn left or execute the function.)

Can’t wait to find more…would love to hear what else has been found!


@kev glad you found these :slight_smile: great work! would love to see some photos of how you guys are enjoying mochi! Maybe we can add them to our site if you’d like.

I’d really love to know how the board knows that the pieces are rotated. I thought they were RFIDs but that can’t be right.

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Yeah, I was wondering this too. Magnets, perhaps?

I’m guessing all these functions aren’t actually intended to be hidden, but correspond to blocks that we would have gotten if we got a higher-tier pack.

I’m guessing it is a fallback strategy if a primary block is lost. Kids tend to lose things easily. It is nice though to have access to them, even if we didn’t get the highest-tier pack.

Yes, there are 4 magnet positions. If you put a something magnetic against the blocks you can see where they are.