Mochi for learning English?

I’ve just got Mochi for my 3 y.o. daughter for Christmas (2020). Since I don’t think there are any plans to translate to other languages now (and Polish won’t probably be a high priority anyway ;)) I’m also trying to use it to introduce my daughter to English.
Are there any other non-native speakers here?
I’d love to share ideas and experiences with other parents.

For starters, I wanted my daughter to get familiar with the books, so I translated the content “on the flight”, we talked about the pictures, etc. Now for the books she’s familiar with I’m trying to introduce her to some English words (e.g. vegetables/fruits names).
I was a bit surprised but she didn’t like listening to songs in English, she asked me to switch off the songs, but she’s very good with memorizing text in Polish. So for now we’re only sticking with simple expressions and few words.
She really likes the stories that are related to what she sees in the real world around her and she likes the bear, so I hope we’ll slowly build on that :slight_smile: