Mochi high energy consumption

Hi there,

we observed a very high energy consumption by both the board and the robot. Even with brand new (rechargable) batteries, we could play once and when we turned Mochi on again it complains that it has low battery level (the lights are shining in blue then). We have had this now a couple of times although the batteries were fully loaded before: Play once with it - complain about the battery level the next time it is turned on. I don’t think it is normal to recharge the batteries after every play.

Has anyone else observed this behavior?

Hi. I’ve just been playing with Mochi and after packing it up in the box I noticed that it stayed on, saying it was ready to play, over and over (well past the 5 minute shut down time). I haven’t yet found a way to repack the set that lets it shut down. Could this be happening to your set? It would use up the batteries pretty quickly if left like that.

Anyone know how to best repack the set?

It could happen because the voltage of the rechargeable battery is slower than normal one. Please try using regular batteries it should last for a longer time.

I haven’t tried rechargeable batteries, but I was also surprised by the relatively short life span. Not quite as short as CiPer was talking about, but still, we’ve had to replace genuine Duracells once already and haven’t exactly been using it heavily. It’d be great if there were a simple hard off switch.

Haven’t had “ready to play” go past 5 minutes like Kimla but a hard off switch would help in that case too.

I only use rechargeables and battery life has been very reasonable. I’m using Amazon Basic AA rechargeables. It is totally possible your batteries are just dying. Rechargeables will lose their capacity over time and even when fully charged will have less energy. Maybe try swapping them out?