New to Mochi and a bit confused

Hello all, brand new to Mochi.and excited to see how the grandchildren react. But I am a bit surprised to see how little explanation there is for use of the board. Perhaps they intend experimentation to be the path to learning but I can also see it as frustrating for the younger ones.

Anyway, is there a FAQ about using the board, the FUNctions, and so on. Some blocks only go in the circle, others in the line at the bottom? Is there perhaps something that shows what the little icons on the blocks mean? Thanks for any guidance.

Are you looking for more age appropriate explanations or for yourself?

The use of the blocks are explained at the end of each book.

Any blocks can go in the bottom row (even a rainbow function block, see “recursion” (a block that calls itself). They are “executed” when the rainbow Function block is activated in the main circle. This is equivalent to calling a function in a programming language.

Thanks for the quick reply. I am looking for myself. I have the “Planets” book and the use of forward and turns is explained but I see nothing about using functions. I think the “FUNction” block moves execution to the bottom row where up to five things can be done before returning to the circle. Is this right? Since the bottom row is labeled “A”, “B”, etc. are there some FUN blocks that only call A and others B etc so one could do functions at separate times? Perhaps other books explain things more clearly. Or maybe I am just being dense. In any event, thanks for the reply.