"Parallelization" in Shapes book

Page 29 of the Shapes book reads:

"Parallelization: engaging in simultaneous activities (singing while moving)

The steps then say to put a “song” block and a “forward turn” block, then to start.

  1. The song block pictured is not one of the ones we were sent. There’s a sleepy-time block that plays a song, and a “song and dance” block, both of which are red; the one pictured is yellow, and the only yellow one we have is the trivia one.
  2. Minor thing, “forward turn” doesn’t really make sense…“turn” and “forward” seem mutually exclusive, at least in context. The pictured block is clear though in this case.
  3. None of the song, song and dance, or yellow blocks followed by a forward block actually operate in parallel. They all work serially, as with all other blocks as far as we’ve ever seen.

I guess this could use an addendum…but actually having parallelization would be even cooler :slight_smile:

Where are the yellow song blocks mentioned in the books?

As I said, p. 29 of Shapes, and I also recently spotted one near the end of the Numbers book (I believe in the post-story pages).

(PS: In the Numbers post-story pages there are also at least two typos…the only one I can remember off-hand is “in the forest of [seven?] bricks” instead of “trees.”)

What I meant was, are we ever going to receive yellow song blocks? Or are those considered “extras” that have to be paid for?

From another post, you can actually rotate the yellow question block to get other songs. So that is one way to emulate the yellow song blocks I think.

Parallelization would indeed be nice. Plus, then I wouldn’t have to sit through the whole song before doing something else. I’m guessing this feature would require a firmware upgrade.

The yellow block with an eighth note pictured on pg 29 of shapes seems like it will be shipped with the " Mochi Extended 6 Book Coding Adventure Pack". It is visible on https://learnwithmochi.com/products/mochis-extended-adventures-pack?shopify-debug=true&show=PayPal associated with the ‘time’ book. It’s also visible in the time book that they’re prepping to print. I’m guessing it will play the 123 song (Audio4.wav). You might be able to trigger this by rotating the red sleepy block (plays twinkle twinkle) 135 degrees to the right.