The good and the bad...share your feedback

What has your experience been with Mochi? Mochi is still in a newborn phase and requires much love, attention, and adjustments. Please share your suggestions and feedback, both positive and negative here

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Pieces could use a bit more precision for fitting. They require a bit of force to put together and several others, as well as myself, have split some of the wood pieces forcing the cart together. Mochi’s magnets in his arms should be secured better inside. They seem to float and often relocate to Mochi’s armpits, making them ineffective.
The control board is great and lots of fun, although feels incomplete with so many slots and not enough tiles to fill them. Once properly assembled, the cart works well and is lots of fun. The first book is well written and fun. My child loves it. The maps are nice and pleasantly made out of durable material.
It would be nice if the books had a pocket in them to store the map. This feels like a missed opportunity and presents a challenge once several books are in collection, to ensure maps and books remain together.

The parts were tough to put together, I thought we may snap the pieces but fortunately we didn’t. However a piece of our mochi robot car was damaged on arrival (although it has been offered to be replaced but I just don’t know how I would replace it without damaging the rest of it). As it’s only a superficial corner bit then so far I’m not concerned.

We had difficulty syncing but I think it was because the SD card was either never inserted or indeed ejected by us upon building.

The kit itself is fabulous, it’s very simple and so many things to learn on top of the story book such as learning left from right and counting. I was surprised by the quality of the map and pleased it was fabric.

I’m looking forward to getting my other books. I’d also hope that more tiles will be available to purchase for longer coding actions or differing actions, ie I think my kids would love a spinning coding tile.

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Hi! Thank you for sharing your experience. Could you please let me know what your email is so we can look into it. Thank you, Vaneni

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I am totally fan of this product.
I love the quality: the fabric for the map, the strong paper for the book, the wood for the board and robot.
I love the LEGO compatibility :+1:
I love the voice used to interact with my son :heart:

I can’t wait for the other books and adventures :wink:

Didn’t like how the wood pieces fit together as it chipped off the wood easily.

I guess that’s wood for you so I am little upset some of my wood pieces are chipped off before Mochi has been set up.

The matieral of the map piece is a nice surprise, and I like that.
I was praying it better not be paper and you guys did well.

An small improvement can be made at the is to have rubber at the bottom of all corners of the map to stop is from moving about

It is also a missed opportunity to pack the map together with the book. Many parents would like to have all their items pack together to minimize missing pieces.

One thing disappoint me is theres no sound control. The sound is so utterly soft. It didn’t serve the purpose to teach my children through the voice feedback.

The greatest improvement to be made is the instruction sheet. Its a mess, not clear not understandable. This is a DIY kit a instruction sheet is super important. It would made my Mochi building more pleasant and it would deliver better as a package.

In all this is a good concept, the actual product could be improve much further.
It felt pretty raw and not polished in a customer point of view.

I won’t recommend this to younger children because it is made of wood with sharp edges.
It pose potential danger of it being stab into the eyes or something when children run about at home. Definitely have to keep it away and with a lot of supervision while children is playing.

I hope these feedbacks can help bring Mochi to better places.

Is there an update on when I will be receiving all 12 books from the Inventory Kit I ordered? I see in the last update from Kickstarter that “The good news is that shipping has already begun for the next set of 5 books, maps and craft pieces and you will begin receiving these over the next few weeks. We anticipate that by the end of February everyone will have received their products.” So by the end of February I will only be getting 5 more books? But what about the other 6 books? when can those be expected? at the end of February as well?

Just got the rest of my 5 books and was excited to try it out with my kid.

Then I realized that it was stated nowhere on how to change the SD card. Coming into the forum, it was stated that I have to use a pair of tweezers to get it out?! Woah… How did such a design get approved?? Given that everything seemed to be very well-designed and beautiful, this major design flaw is a big surprise.

Other than that, as some others have said, the box should be designed such that we can easily organise the books, sd-card and vehicle pieces, so that we can keep the items for each book together.

These two points are such major missed opportunities in terms of user experience, and mar my overall
impression of an otherwise great product.

Just received the additional 5books + maps + coding blocks + memory cards + LEGO and véhicules pieces: and I confirm that my son is still in love with his Mochi, especially the dancing block :heart_eyes: and the car shape :+1:
It would be great if the song block could change with each story.

Hi. If you are in the USA the 5 books will be shipped by the end of the February. The rest (6 books) will be available later in 2020 (no set date yet, but we are hoping no later than May/June).

Thank you for the reply. I live in Canada. Does that mean I will get the 5 books in March?

Yes thats correct! @scoghlan


Any news on the delivery of the 5 Books?, my delivery address is USA…


Overall, this is a great product. My daughter loves it and I think it’s a great toy to teach early coding and computational thinking.

It is WAY too hard to put together. As others have said, the setup guide is just terrible. Have you tried it with actual people new to the product and watched them try to set up Mochi? Like real parents that have econ or history degrees, not engineering/CS degrees? For me it was absolutely impossible to put together, and I had to get my tinkering husband to help. Really, it should not be like this. Assembly for a toy for kids should not require a Caltech degree - this is shutting out way too many parents.

The process for switching the card from book to book is even more insane. Tweezer do NOT work - they are too thick. The only way I could do it was to open Mochi again (unscrew it) which led me down a 2 hour path of putting him together. This caused the board to unpair with the Robot, and a simple reset did not work. Removing the batteries on the robot is another cruel process that requires unassembling the whole thing (seriously - who thought this through???) After a total of 2.5 hours I completed switching from planets to shapes. I seriously dread the next time we have to switch everything. In the process we damaged the wood (hard not to as essentially the robot is just stuck together by squeezing parts together) so, although it still works, it doesn’t snap together properly and looks terrible.

So overall great concept, just some SERIOUS lack of thinking through how REAL people will actually use it. In order for it to be useful, would need 1) MUCH better directions that acknowledge the challenge of putting this thing together 2) MUCH better directions for how to change from book to book - er sorry, any directions at all as currently there is absolutely NO guide on how to do this 3) MUCH better system for switching batteries and the card - right now it is just insane. I cannot believe it would take me over 2 hours to do this and would require completely disassembling the toy 4) Making it sturdier. Current robot is just an accident waiting to happen.

Nice try, but this is clearly a Minimum Viable Product that hasn’t been tested properly. Spend more time with real customers seeing how they interact and (struggle to) put it together, replace batteries, and change the card. Seems this part of the design process was just completely neglected. I like the toy a lot, but I feel pretty ripped off for paying so much money for a work in progress. My husband is now angry that we didn’t just get a LEGO set - would have been easier and less painful, and way less expensive.

We didn’t feel there was adequate instruction on how to put it together. The blueprint was broad and the photo illustrations were too far away.

Pairing is inconsistent, sometimes is pairs right away, sometimes it doesn’t pair at all.

Would also be great to have more than one function.

Overall, it’s a great set. The kids love it and they’re learning a lot.

Our pieces for the robot do not fit together. It’s constantly falling apart, which is insanely frustrating for such an expensive product. My daughter likes for Mochi to ride on the robot, but the base falls apart so easily it’s hard to get him to ride.
Our board is very difficult to turn on and we have given up a few times (batteries are fresh, connected, etc). I would much rather have an on/off switch than the frustration of trying to get it to turn on whenever my 3 year old wants to play. We generally start our play sessions irritated.
There are not enough direction blocks to play with. The number of blocks does not have anything to do with the number of books, we need more forward/turn blocks to be able to enjoy playing with only the Planets book/map. We did receive a few more blocks with the new books, but it’s still not enough and should not be an add-on.
No directions included on the SD cards is a big miss.
Not being able to skip the rest of the book reading is really annoying when the book block is in the board, and there’s no way to turn it off to start over either.
I am dreading trying to replace the batteries when that day comes and am concerned that things won’t go back together. Both the board and robot were challenging to assemble and I was positive I was going to break the wood, which is way to fragile for this product design. Battery compartments should be easy to use, the batteries should go in easily, and access should be straight forward. It is none of these things.
I cannot get those black pegs into the holes, I damaged the robot trying to get the rocket piece attached. This is not a good design for the baseline use of a toy.

The books and map quality are great, I do like the coding blocks and the storage system for the blocks. My three year old can’t put the tray into the board without help, but she can do all the rest when it come to the blocks which is great. This is good for a child who cannot read yet, so I think the age recommendation is good. I did not have an issue with the assembly instructions, but they are very sparse and I can understand how people would struggle with it.

Overall, I do like the concept, but I am disappointed to have all the issues with a product that was so expensive. I would not recommend to my friends at this point based on cost vs performance.