Wheel motors not functioning correctly

We just opened our Mochi robot yesterday, and the right wheel motor (when facing the robot) did not work everytime we applied the “forward” function. It would try to work, but would act jammed.Today, the other wheel motor seems to also be having trouble, as it doesn’t always fully respond to the turning functions, but acts jammed, like it is trying to go, but only does tiny incremental movements (on both sides) instead of the full range of motion.
I’m nervous because I can’t get a hold of anyone in chat or by email (hello@learnwithmochi.com). The support@learnwithmochi.com reply I received says that that email doesn’t even exist. I called the California phone number but there was no voicemail to indicate that it belonged to his company. I would say at this point, there needs to be better support. I’m actually sort of nervous that I’ve been scammed…

@jamie apologies for the delay in responding! Can you please let us know your email and we will get back to you ASAP. It’s a bit odd that you haven’t received a reply on email if you sent it to hello@learnwithmochi.com. We are checking on what happened here. Regarding the motors not turning, this could be because you are not using fresh batteries. Could you please try with fresh batteries and let us know if that fixes the problem?

Thank you!


Hi, Mark! I apologize for panicking a bit. I did finally get a response from the hello address yesterday evening. We did try fresh batteries this morning and since then the malfunctioning seems to be only happening on the “forward” function maybe one out of every ten times now, whereas before it happened just about everytime, so thanks for the suggestion. I’ll let you know if it gets worse and send a short video as well. We’ve decided to buy a higher quality battery pack for it which will maybe be more reliable than the rechargeable batteries we’re currently using. I really appreciate you getting back with me. Thankyou. Other than this initial problem, we’re really enjoying Mochi. My 5 year old loves it. The concept is well thought out. :slight_smile: