When board and robot don't pair

If the light on the board and the robot turn on, but they are unable to pair, please try the following:

Remove the SD card and reinstall it. Then remove and reinstall the batteries.
Check if there is any sound coming from the board.
When you add the batteries back, the sound should come back on.

Hi Mochi team, I’ve combed through all the troubleshooting answers, but nothing is working. The board does not seem to be working. When I turn it on (by pressing the yellow button), it asks me to put a green forward tile in slot 1 and press the yellow button. When I do that, all of the white LEDs start flashing one after the other (i.e., 1 turns on, then 2, then 1 goes off, then 3 turns on, then 2 turns off, then 4 turns on, etc) all the way around the board. And nothing else happens until I remove the green forward tile and the while LEDs all turn off. There is an LED in the top right corner of the board that flashes red/green. The robot shows a steady green light. If you send me contact info, I can provide video/photos of what I mean.

I have replaced the batteries and removed and re-inserted the SD card.


Hi. That means your robot needs resetting. Could you please reset it and try pairing again. thank you.

Hi Vaneni,

That seems to have worked! I tried it yesterday with a pen, but maybe it didn’t take. This time, I used the screwdriver that came with the set and it looks like it is now connected again.

Thank you!

Glad to hear it worked! :slight_smile: Enjoy your Mochi and don’t forget to share with us your feedback and photos! :slight_smile: